Bookstore, Bomontiada


Project: Bookstore, Bomontiada



City: İstanbul

Metering: 300 m2


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Bomonti is one of the localities which is taken over from residents by young population in order to transform them. Bookstore concept arisen from the dream of this young population to make production on an intellectual ground. In this context, the mainframe of the space is consisted of books and a study section which is located in court where computer and printer hardware are available. The architectural design of the space in which books and reading area spread all around without domineering the space is created by Autoban and constructed by Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture.

Compared to other counterparts, the importance of coffee differs within Bookstore repertoire as an essential part of books & cafe culture: the desire to express a third generation coffee culture distinguishes itself with a modern coffee mill. Projection process necessary for the integration of the mill to substructural systems was settled during implementation phase and specialized staff rendered service for installment and montage. Necessary basis is prepared for the workshops planned to be conducted during court season with the device which is equally distanced to the space and which is next to the bar dominating the court and claiming to surprise guests with a smell of coffee, the space, including the kitchen, took place within the complex subsequent to seven months of implementation process.

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