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Oğuz Bayazıt Newsletter - December 2013

Newsletter - December 2013

Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture Signature in Kiev...

Kiew Mall has been designed as an organic object, connecting its shell, interior gates and different layers masterfully, featuring functioning.

The building which is an usable all-purpose mall located on a narrow and long land on the highway to Kiev Airport, has been connected to each other by placing varying functions from end to end, caused by the features of the narrow and long land. There is an open parking area at the farthest. Shopping and fast food sections follow shopping and recreation spaces like large-scale techno market, cinema, supermarket, kids’ recreation spaces, bowling center. Actually, atrium standing in the middle of the building and connecting the building to outside appears at that point. When you continue walking forward from the atrium, you can pass to duplex shopping section. There stands an office block connected by a tube followed by that part. In the office block, exhibition space and sports center take place except from the offices. For the project, an intriguing shell has been designed having solid lines in accordance with the climatic conditions. All living spaces have been organized most appropriately in this shell. The 60.000 m2 AVM is formed of two main flats and a half flat related to the land conditions. The offices are formed of four flats and have a semi-transparent image, and the AVM has a partly open parking area.

Being the First In the World, Stixx’s Application
has been Performed by Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture

Stixx, which is a new render of traditional Japanese kitchen by new cooking techniques and presentations, will catch attention with its delicious menu and particular architectural concept. Taking place within the structure of D.ream, Stixx’s application has been performed by Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture, which had performed the appliance work in Yalikavak also.

The restaurant where the meals are presented only on special skewers, has the specialty to be the first in the world for being hung Stixx signboard. Being thought as a flagship for further franchisers and investors, for that reason the place has been designed for reflecting the corporate identity best.

The place has an architectural approach of aesthetics and comfort balance and the construction elements are used particularly in black and red, as they are the colors of Japanese food culture. The interior design of Stixx that is targeting to present sophisticated tastes in a fast and dynamic environment, has been performed by the London centered architectural office Sagrada. The place has been opened as a high-class fast food restaurant at Kanyon and all the details are planned according to this concept. There is a glazed cooking place in order to cook the different foods on the skewers followed by a sale counter which are separating the place from the sitting space, so that sitting space is provided to be much more comfortable. There is a stationary sitting place for 70 people formed of large tables revitalizing the soul of eating together. The rice sacks stored in wire mesh cabinets lined up along the wall add a different type of depth to the place and strengthen the local identity emphasis. The restaurant having 100 m2 building area, presents a very comfortable atmosphere with appetizing visual objects hanged on the walls and colorful details.

Superior Staff Comfort at
BASF İzmir Regional Management Office

World’s leading chemistry company having a wide product scope in construction chemicals, BASF Construction Chemicals Industry Inc. Co.’s İzmir Regional Management Office project application will be performed by Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture. The company’s strong corporate structure has been brought into the forefront, and providing auditory, visual and dimensional comforts of the office staff have been determined to be the prior target during the project work of BASF regional management office located at Bayraklı Tower, which is the most prestigious work center of İzmir. The selections of the materials and technologies have been realized by considering all these details.

The appliance of the project which underlines the innovative, technological and visionary specialties of the company, have been performed with the coordination of mechanical and electrical disciplines. The expert staff of Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture takes part in the project.




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