Beer Brewery Plant, in Bomontiada


Project: Beer Brewery Plant, in Bomontiada



City: İstanbul

Metering: 350 m2


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Micro Brewery is one of the rare examples which could realize the dream of integrating historical buildings to public life in compliance with their original structure, both physically and functionally. The brewery area which gives reference to the history of Bomonti Brewery designed a system using equipment suitable for today’s technology while also preserving the structure of the current building. The project pertaining to the aforementioned specific system is prepared by German Caspary Company specialized on technical data. Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture Team rendered service during the implementation process which is shaped by technical design in principle and collaboration was created with a special team from Germany for transmission line which is designed to work as closed-circuit and for installation equipment which provides transfer among tanks. Subsequent to projection process, Tobias Palmer, who is the brewer of Micro Brewery, provided technical support for field applications. In addition to production process, the bringing and the installation of brew kettles  which are the largest and have the highest tonnage are conducted with a different operation. A beer repertoire of 24 different types was prepared for the established system and the system can produce 12 of these simultaneously.

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