Populist Restaurant, Bomontiada


Project: Populist Restaurant, Bomontiada



City: İstanbul

Metering: 1.200 m2


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Bomonti Brewery exhibits an organic agglutinative example  which is customized in accordance with the needs during the years of production. The eventual interspatial flow diagram which has arisen from interwoven successive functions has become one of the elements which, after restoration, directly affected the design stage of all the spaces found within factory. The reference given by each body you enter in to another step of productive function and a shareable production created by the totality of these bodies are the most summarizable states of the Populist spirit designed by Lagranja Design.

This energy which is distributed to a 2000 m² physical area is regulated through zoning the spatial repertoire area. You can salute history with the welcoming brew kettles, join the crowd indoors which provide opportunities for communal meetings, start a tranquil conversation on top of a historical brew kettle, dine under the shadow of plants which approach to the glass roof of winter garden after changing seasons via ladders which rise circling brew kettles and having watched a live concert or a sports competition in sports bar, you can observe the factory life from terrace floor. Furthermore, both documents from the history of the factory and sequences from the meetings between Istanbulites and the designer of the space accompany you in this journey. You can be mesmerized by the music coming from a 1960s Volkswagen and join the crowd without being able to reach to these incidental meetings which is consisted of faces and writings or you can take your beer and experience the court in the beer garden with other residents of the factory. What is more, it goes without saying that you are free to experience these in Populist through matching all these scenarios on the basis of function and space.

The implementation process of Populist which takes inspiration from the structure surrounds itself and from the productive function as a structural inheritance was conducted by Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture with a desire to transmit the integrative dream consisted of the harmony of unique designs to shareholders of the space. In addition to visual richness, the focal point of this diversity for which the formula of substrate systems and their integration are of critical importance have become the respect shown towards the historical building. The zones which are designed for various simultaneous usage scenarios created a need for a special acoustic design, and collaboration with specialist solution partners and preference of special materials had to be considered for the features concerning space heights and for heating-ventilating air conditioning systems. This multilayered process for which design and implementation team were in a collaborative effort in all stages in order to create solutions is completed in three months and the space is delivered to factory residents for its shaping within the flow of spatial life.

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