Jinemed Fulya Hospital


Project: Jinemed Fulya Hospital



City: İstanbul

Metering: 4.000 m2


» Energy Efficiency

» Envelope

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Jinemed began to operate in 2003 in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, as Turkey’s first gynecology boutique hospital that provides solutions to all health problems of women under the same roof with the project designed in the former building of Kızılay (Red Crescent).

In accordance with the re-formulated architectural program spaces with different concepts and sizes were designed in order to enable the hospital to give services in obstetrics and In Vitro Fertilization treatments, as well as in general surgery, urology, ear-nose-throat disorders, dermatology and nutrition issues. In this project for Jinemed, significant works were done that were applied for the first time in Turkey for a hospital project of this scale. All the architectural, electrical, and mechanic projects of the hospital, that began its service with 3 operating rooms, 12 outpatient clinics and 25 rooms in a closed area of 4000 m², were prepared and implemented in accordance with the standards of international hygiene Class 10,000.

In the renovation project that set outs with the aim of maximizing patient comfort, a meticulous project designing and implementation process was carried out, from providing a fully automated thermal comfort to acoustic measures, from material selection to lighting accounts. Due to the design principle that believes in the necessity of designing the whole process, rather than redesigning the building as the end product, the integration of systems, that will keep the maintenance costs minimum, to the design and the application of all the controls with regard to the buildings physics were elaborated.

Air-conditioning with a full automation system and a four-pipe fan coil system that can produce both heating and cooling each season is provided. During the implementation process strengthening of the building was done according to the new earthquake regulations. As a part of the project, by reconsidering the building façade, the rectangular shaped eight floor building was covered with a frame of semipermeable structure in a way that provides the maximum daylight to the patient rooms, but at the same time prevents the disturbing effects of traffic noise in interior; and the building was given an appearance that optimized both functionality and aesthetic values.

In patient rooms, it was possible to provide alternative options for patients with different tastes with the furniture of which design and production were done with different colors and decoration concepts.

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