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Oğuz Bayazıt Newsletter - May 2014

Newsletter - May 2014

Sait Restaurant To Greet Summer With Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture...

This is the renovation project of Sait Restaurant’s first location in Yalıkavak town. Having to grow from a small place into a bigger one without control and under poor standards due to high demand, the restaurant has been under renovation for a total renewal.

Parallel to this, a new kitchen complex has been designed with all the infrastructure, preparation, cooking, service and cleaning systems have been organized. The restrooms have been taken to a point close to the entrance on the plan, fish displays and cash counters have been organized in a more rational plan. In order not to spoil the general pattern, the current identity of the place has been aimed to be protected except for the basic needs and it has been repaired without being ruined.

Restaurant will be put into service this summer season.

Another Oğuz Bayazıt Project Brought Into Life In Baku...

One of the highly increasing private sector investments in Baku, the car park has been designed on a land of three decares. Having a total of 25 thousand m2 closed space; the project has a parking area of 600 cars as well as rentable areas for various purposes due to its location. Being part of the modern architectural revision that can be visibly followed in the city, the building aims to be a spectacular part of this movement with its design, construction technology and structural shell installation. Besides encouraging investors to the similar solution scenarios with mix use projects that look for solutions to the rising car numbers parallel to the rise of income in the city, the car park project is an architectural discourse that states this type of structures can be pulled away from the ugly car pile features that are common in urban scale / city centers. The project is planned to be brought into life in the middle of 2015.

Oğuz Bayazıt’s Signature On World Leader Company

The project of Ankara Region Headquarters of BASF Yapı Kimyasalları Sanayi A.Ş., the leading construction chemicals company in the world with a very wide range of products in its sector, was carried out by Oğuz Bayazıt Mimarlık. In the project work of BASF Regional Headquarters offices located in Ankara Balgat, the strong corporate structure of the company was featured and providing auditory, visual and spatial comfort of the office workers was set as the primary purpose. All the materials and technology were selected by taking these criteria into account.

Emphasizing the innovative, technological and visionary stance of the company in every detail, the project was conducted in coordination with mechanical and electrical disciplines. Taking into consideration that a working office cannot be closed for a long time, a temporary office was hired for the staff, every sort of materials and equipment that could affect the delivery of the project was prepared before the implementation of the project and then the implementation started. The implementation was completed in 21 days and the office was delivered to the user. The expert staff of Oğuz Bayazıt Mimarlık on these disciplines took part in this project.







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