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Oğuz Bayazıt Newsletter - July 2014

Newsletter - July 2014

Oğuz Bayazıt Signature On NEF Sales Offices...

The first model of the Nef Sales Offices, the System and Architectural designs of which are made by Architect Boğaçhan Dündaralp and the project management of which are carried out by Oğuz Bayazıt Mimarlık is currently being implemented for Nef22 / Ataköy and Nef13 / Merter projects.

Nef Group needed a sales office concept that can be rapidly installed, relocated and reused. When the needs and requirements brought up for the sales offices of Nef22/Ataköy and Nef13/ Merter projects are combined with the original stance of the company, this concept acquired a new and special identity of sales offices, getting beyond being plain container(s) that are constantly transported. According to the design, the containers are modular, they can be decomposed down to any component and reinstalled again and the components are reusable, resizable either by reducing or increasing the size, as adding other components can be an option. Additionally, a special system design was implemented, providing a surface that can be adjusted to each project. This system will also allow the reusing of the same elements, attaching them to each other or increasing their number for the sale offices in a variety of locations.

Dendro / 37th Construction Fair Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards - 3rd Prize...

In this year’s stand of Dendro, which was the winner of the first prize of Golden Magnet Awards last year, the traces of the previous concept were preserved and a new design with similar lines was implemented. Aside from its being visually effective, the stand of Dendro was elaborate in product placement and the comfort of visitors and won another price in Golden Magnet contest.

Aspen / 37th Construction Fair Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards - Mention...

37th Construction Fair / Turkey Build 2014 participant Aspen’s stand design idea for this year emerged from the company’s willingness to emphasize its powerful corporate structure. This design, which was recently implemented to ensure the showcasing of a higher number of products, was handled with an entirely different concept this year. The acoustic particle boards imported from Denmark were used as a building element and the main theme was built on this material. The space was shaped with a bolder and more aggressive form and a plan that emphasizes the “acoustic ceiling”, which is significant to Aspen, was developed. In this space, which was used for live music band performance, the characteristics of the materials was highlighted and additionally, a different event was held in the place. More than half of the stand area was left vacant and a square where the fair visitors could breathe was also created.

Tarkett / 37th Construction Fair Golden Magnet Stand Design Awards

A design that triggered curiosity was implemented on the stand in order to draw the target audience. The form of a house, which is the core of the business, was distorted into a box of curiosity where windows and gaps could be practically examined. This area, where people around the stand would be curious to enter after noticing the motion inside through the gaps, was connected with an exhibition corridor, which was showcasing the products and the company. This cubic element was coated with orange vinyl material, a product sold by Tarkett. The stand, where the main product of the company was used creatively, was successful in attracting traffic of visitors, as targeted.





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