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Oğuz Bayazıt Newsletter - February 2015

Newsletter - February 2015

Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture Signature On Merck Serono Turkey Central Office...

Merck Serono Turkey Central Office, the most long-established pharmaceutical and chemical company of the world, was designed with a concept reflecting the profound corporate structure of the company and taking employee comfort into account.

The office, project design and management of which was performed by Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture, is located on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors of Kavacık Trade Center. Detail solutions to enhance the volume acoustics and the performance of the sound insulation were implemented in the project for which employee comfort and company need are the primary priorities in the design.

Furthermore, the needs for lighting and climate control were resolved via smart building systems in the project design and implementation, and energy saving and remote control comfort were achieved with a high level automation system.

Logistics support is continued in the post-delivery phase for the project for which the task to ensure an efficient cooperation between project groups was also undertaken.

New Project From Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture In Baku : Baku Gilan Hospital

This project that shall feature a state-of-the-art technology and world-class implementations has been designed in compliance with the Class 10.000 hygiene standards in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is a hospital project comprised of 20 floors in total, with a 50,000 m2 of indoor space, 5 main building and tower rising on this main building. The project has five entries and designed on a corner layout in combined form. In addition to five entries, vehicle and personal traffic has been clearly separated with personnel and service access allowed through basement floors. Internal circulation of the hospital is carried out via 7 lifts and 5 stairs that can be accessed directly from the main entry lobby.

In order to reduce internal traffic, entries to the convention hall and to the restaurant were arranged from outside the building. The outpatient clinic was planned to be above the main entrance lobby. Emergency entrance was designed to be completely independent from the main building to serve on the façade facing the road on the ground floor. A canopy with a door to external space was created under the platform on this façade. Following this section, a parking lot with a capacity of 70 cars was planned.

The courtyard that is accessible by pedestrians from the main road is the most important design parameter of the project planned for bringing sunlight to the sections away from the façade. In order to increase the amount green surface, a green terrace was planned between the main building and the tower. The dialysis center, chemotherapy rooms, library and cafeteria, all of which have long visiting periods and require a relaxing medium at the same time, was designed on this green mezzanine. The 14-storey tower on the main building provides acoustic calmness thanks to double façade, and also keeps sunlight within comfort limits via sun control curtains. There are administrative offices, patient room, and intensive care units on the tower floors that were planned to be kept away from the busy pace of the hospital. VIP patient rooms and presidency office is located on the upper floors. The presidency area features a mini hospital and it was planned to make it fully-equipped with the heliport on the roof.




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