Founded in 2003 by M. Oğuz Bayazıt, who had begun to work as an independent architect in 1997, Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture offers services in the categories of project design and project/production management. The company, with its professional approach in building physics and process management, has its signature under more than 500 projects. The company´s projects are centered around the principle of INTEGRAL DESIGN  based on the cooperation among all stakeholders including the designer, user, decision-maker and practitioner from the beginning of the design and production processes and the identification of the needs and solutions during the first stages of the project.

In order to put this approach that requires ultimate interdisciplinary collaboration into practice in the correct way, the architecture office has under its umbrella a team of experts from the subcategories of building physics such as climate, light, sound, fire control. The company´s project group consists of 50 people including architects, interior designers. industrial designers, civil engineers and electrical and mechanical engineers that are specialized and that have all levels of knowledge about the stages of design, production and performance. Decisions about the design that are taken in coordination, transform the aims of the project into performance goals, describe the design strategies as the output of the process, and therefore ensure that the decisions about the design are reflected on the building in the most precise manner.

The ability to create design strategies at an early stage provides the opportunity to create innovative solutions. The integral architectural design process that also embodies the concept of SUSTAINABILITY, a concept that endeavors to remind of the forgotten values of nature and environment, is managed and executed with the team of Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture, with the right experts in the processes of production, implementation, and inspection, and with innovative solutions where technology is activated in every phase.   The architecture office that focuses on designing the process as much as on the final product, and has taken up various roles in the recent projects in Turkey including Bodrum Yalıkavak Palmarina, Bomonti Beer Factory and become the preference of prominent brands such as Basf Turkey, Eren Holding, Vaillant Turkey,  Merck, Finansbank, Credit Suisse, Bahçeci Health Group. Oğuz Bayazıt Architecture implemented the first genetics center project in Turkey, became part of numerous outstanding projects that require expertise in different sectors. This diversity of sectors maximized the experience of the office. Regarding the determination of the principles of ecological green building design for different climatic regions of Turkey and the encouragement for the strategies for improving the energy performance of the buildings, building acoustics, sound insulation in building elements and surrounding noise control, the office has been involved in international activities. 

In its projects, Oğuz Bayazıt Mimarlık endeavors to optimize the first investment costs of the buildings and conducts the design processes in a way to maximize energy efficiency and user comfort; and has a performance-oriented but aesthetic architectural approach that acts systematically and maximizes liveability and creates optimum solutions for buildings.  

Its systematic and dynamic style of working, based on solution and budget, and with its disciplined and visionary work in technical and deadline terms, there has been a high level of satisfaction among its employees.

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Oğuz Bayazıt Mimarlık

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